Neocon 2018

Providing our team with fresh and innovative inspiration and ideas, NeoCon celebrated its 50th year this June. The future of commercial interiors looks bright and exciting, and after visiting with 500 of the leading vendors, we have put together a list of the top trends we expect to see in the upcoming season.

Laminate is still in!

Who would have thought? ROI did! We have been building our stations and desks from laminate for decades; and happy to see we are ahead of the curve. The mix of materials with laminate included black metal accents and thin profiles. The most common colors were light-toned wood grains.

Connect With Nature

Biophilic office spaces were everywhere in the Mart this year.  What a great way to let your employees relax and enjoy nature while at work, by bringing it indoors.  Incorporating organic elements into a work environment will improve the well-being, productivity, and creativity of your staff.

Ergonomics meet Aesthetics

Height adjustable tables and desks remain at the forefront of commercial furniture. We are seeing an increase in the trend to hide these bases, making them appear less bulky and offer solutions for a wider variety of sizes and shapes.

Surprising Storage

Maintaining a sleek and low-profile workstation is paramount to the modern office space, but where do we put all of our “stuff?” The industry is getting very creative incorporating storage into unlikely places and adding new ways to keep paper-flow efficient. Our personal favorite is the pull-out wardrobe.

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