Mannington Flooring Mill Tours

Our team was lucky enough to have been invited to tour Mannington Commercial mills in the Atlanta surrounding area. Mannington is one of Rieke Office Interior’s main suppliers of carpet, tile, and vinyl flooring. Witnessing the manufacturing, learning about their design process, and being inspired by their quality and commitment left us completely awestruck.

The Manufacturing Process

We were amazed by the machine sizes and the space needed to house the components used to weave their carpets. A single machine utilizes up to 2,000 spools of yarn, placed by hand, to fabricate the carpet. We watched an operator oversee the weaving to ensure the yarns were threaded and woven correctly. The machine created intricate and complex carpet patterns very quickly.

We also observed vinyl flooring evolve from a printed paper to multilayered luxury vinyl flooring. From the raw material, they grind, heat, cool, emboss and apply wear layers. The development is so complex; our team was simply blown away.

The Quality

Every method is carefully engineered to meet Mannington’s high-quality standards. 100% of their products are Made in America, and they use their precious resources wisely.  Not only does Mannington grind down and reuse their own backings, they also recycle anything they can’t reuse. Their LOOP recycling program also allows customers to recycle carpet tile, keeping it out of landfills.  We focus on being green at Rieke Office Interiors too, and highly respect all manufacturers that prioritize this. Mannington’s commitment to quality and the environment made us even more proud to partner with them on our projects.

The Design

The team was able to meet the designers that created the three new carpet and LVT products launched at Neocon 2018. We loved learning how each designer developed their concepts by traveling the world, gathering inspiration and photos, and then meticulously reviewing the details for an entire year before turning the designs into the final carpet and LVT products. We had so much respect for how they test their markets and receive feedback from designers across the country before launching a product.

Being designers, we really loved seeing this process and what inspires them.  The colors and patterns work together so you can create a space that truly flows from room to room.

There were so many take-aways from this trip! We can’t wait to bring that inspiration into our own projects. We truly enjoyed this experience and are grateful to have had the opportunity. Thank you, Mannington, for your hospitality and inspiration!

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