Quick Ways to Redesign your office on a budget

Looking for some quick ways to redesign your office on a budget?  Below are some small design modifications that can yield a big impact:


Good lighting is not only a key component to your employees’ performance and motivation, but it also directly affects the design of a space.  A combination of direct and indirect artificial light with natural daylight will create layers that accommodate the multitude of tasks performed with a space. To soften the design and feel of your office, purchase floor and table lamps and place around the office where your team gathers. Lounge areas, reception area, small meeting spaces and offices are great locations for lamps. The atmosphere created by this lighting evokes a sophisticated and comfortable feel.  Accent lighting, like pendant lights, are also great because they can hang directly above workspaces which will enhance the look of the work area as well as provide additional lighting for focused work.


A critical element to office design is functionality. For a space to work efficiently, it must be organized well. Storage is often an afterthought to our clients, but it’s usually the culprit of an inefficient office. There are a lot of great storage solutions available on the market, and plenty of ways to hide clutter and organize the tools your team needs. One of our favorites is the sliding overhead cabinet with a pop of color on the inside. Why not make something that is needed fun?


Artwork and accessories are the finishing touches that add texture and personality to a space. Switch out your current wall hangings with art that speaks to who your business is and the image you would like to portray. Art also sets the mood of a space; whether you want a fun energetic space or a calm and soothing space, art is what helps you accomplish this feeling. If you do not feel comfortable finding the right art and accessories for your office, our designers are happy to help you get on the right track and find the perfect pieces for you.

Accent Wall

Simply adding an accent wall in paint or wallpaper will instantly bring in a pop of color that draws the eye and changes the whole look of a space. A room can transform from dull to inspiring with any color or pattern. Accent walls can also be used to highlight architectural features or visually separate areas in an open office plan. Use this design tip to help your brand identity and employee’s productivity. 

Investing only a little time and resources into an office design can make a big difference. Sprucing up an old space will increase employee satisfaction and impress your clients.

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