When Should You Redesign Your Office?

How do you know when it’s time to call an interior designer for your workplace? There are the obvious answers like: when you rebrand, when you move, or when your furniture breaks. But what about the less obvious times, the times when having an outdated office has a negative impact on your bottom line?  Here is an expert’s guide to help you decide whether it’s the right time for your business to redesign the office.


Are you struggling to find space for all your employees?  An interior designer will help you maximize your space to fit your employees (and their stuff). Designers assess the efficiencies of your work and make suggestions on how to improve the space to accommodate the tasks and the people within. Many times with growth, a company undergoes organizational restructuring. No matter the size of the restructuring, an interior designer can make sure your business adjustments are accommodated within the physical space as well. 


Does your office reflect who you are as a company? When a client steps into your work environment they should know where your business stands today.  They should feel confident in you and the niche your business belongs in.  Having outdated furniture, carpet, and paint may come across as archaic, and leave the impression that you are not innovative in your industry.


Do you attract and retain the best talent in your industry? One way to not only keep your employees happy, but easily recruit new hires is by redesigning your office.  Interior designers are great resources on how to give your employees the amenities they need in the workforce today.  It is important to be competitive, or a step above other employers in your industry. By offering the latest technology in your workstations, current design trends, and a beautiful office can make all the difference in the world when it comes to hiring great candidates.


If you are still unsure whether you should redesign your office space, please reach out to us. We’re happy to give you further insights and any assistance you need.


Well designed offices do more

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