The modern workplace is always evolving, and if you want to keep up with your competitors, your office needs to be up to date. Designers are currently reimagining the office to be more comfortable and focused on providing employees with an environment where they can succeed. In today’s market, workplaces that focus on the needs of employees are more productive and staff retention is improved. This year, offer more design elements that support how employees feel, think and work.

Here are the top 3 best office design elements you should incorporate today:

Flexible Space

There are no one-size-fits-all office designs, which is why there is an uptrend of flexible offices. The most beneficial attribute to these spaces is that they are non-restrictive. Furniture can easily be shifted around to accommodate a variety of work styles and needs in order to break away from one’s desk or cubicle. Your business can cater to your employees’ daily movement, workflows and collaboration.  Agile workspaces attract new talent, while increasing employee comfort, well-being, and productivity. They are the perfect opportunity for engagement, collaboration and workplace flow while taking economies of scale into consideration.

Employee Focused

Design your workspaces for people instead of job titles. Offices that prioritize the diverse needs of their employees can expect a happier, higher performing workforce, and ultimately a more successful company culture. Consider workflow, human behavior, employee engagement and individual placement. Putting the employee experience at the center of your office design will relieve overwhelmed workers while making the office an environment that allows everyone to work at their full potential all day.

Break Out Spaces

Break out spaces are essential in the modern office. These office spaces are open to employees and visitors separate from their usual work area. These areas encompass a more relaxed environment, changing positions from an upright task posture to a reclined casual posture. Break out spaces foster interaction, collaboration and creativity to help brainstorm and bring more ideas forward. Giving employees areas to meet informally, or even just get away from their desk for a while, is very beneficial to their productivity and well-being.

While modern designs will differ from office to office, the current goal should be the same: give your employees options. Employee’s experiences are shaped by their office environment, and if they feel supported by a range of settings to work how they want, they will stay happy and productive.


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