As a corporate interior designer, we must not only create a beautiful space for our clients, but also help guide them to include all the functional spaces needed. One of the areas that all companies should plan for is a Mother’s Room / Nursing Room or Wellness Room.

These rooms are not required by building codes but are regulated by labor codes or health & safety codes. In 2010 the Affordable Care Act (ACA) amended the Fair Labor Standards Act to require companies with more than 50 employees to provide their working mothers to have the time and space at work for pumping.

Including these rooms for your employees not only helps make it easier for them to work through the day but also helps with employee retention. These are perks that employees with families are looking for these days.

There are several things you should keep in mind when designing for this space.

  • Room with a door and lock
  • Easily accessible but private location, when possible
  • Comfortable seating so that employees are relaxed
  • Include a sink, countertop & mini fridge
  • Include a locking cabinet or lockers for storing pumping supplies
  • Mirror
  • Use calming & relaxing paint colors

One of our latest projects for S&S Activewear we designed a Mother’s Room that included all these items. The space is functional yet comforting and bright.
So when designing for a Mother’s Room remember to include these items and to ask “what experience do you want your working mothers to have?”

– Julie Hartman
Senior Interior Designer
Vertical Interior Design/ Rieke Office Interiors

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