Transitioning employees back into the office when they are used to working at home can be a challenge. A comfortable office design will reflect what they have in their home offices, and is a good strategy to help ease them back to the workplace.

A comfortable office helps boost productivity, and it is important to strategically incorporate some comforts to help recharge employees. What comforts should you provide? To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of five that will help encourage productivity:

Comfortable Lounge Seating

office comfort

Bring some residential-style seating into your collaborative and lounge spaces. A comfortable office has sofas and chairs help employees feel more at home. This, in turn, will relax your staff and reduce their stress levels. An additional bonus is that lounge seating can give them a healthy change in posture too.


office greenery

During the winter months, we don’t get many opportunities to spend time outside, and your employee’s views may lack greenery.  So, bring the outdoors in and incorporate a living wall or planters around the office.  Plants not only boost creativity, but they also improve air quality in the office as well.

Coffee Station

coffee station

Nothing beats the chill of a winter’s day like a warm cup of coffee or tea.  Consider installing a small coffee station in an open area of the office where employees can change up their environment, break out into a small group meeting, or simply recharge with a warm drink.

Promote Movement

Physical activity improves health, keeps employees alert, and promotes overall happiness. By offering opportunities to get up throughout the day, whether it be through break out stations that are standing height, or sit/stand desks, these are all great ways to keep employees moving, warm, and engaged.

Set a Comfortable Temperature

It is challenging to find an office temperature that everyone agrees on; however, it is highly important. An ideal temperature is beneficial not only for productivity, but for employee’s comfort and focus. According to a recent scientific study, the ideal temperature for a typical office is 71.6 degrees F. If you still have cold employees consider giving a company logo sweater as a holiday gift.

One of the biggest parts of creating a successful workplace is an office design that makes your employees happy.  Consider adding little touches of comfort in your office design, especially during the winter months.

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