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The holidays are just around the corner, and this year more than ever, the season should spark joy in your home. You can capture that much needed holiday spirit with your interior décor. With a little creativity, holiday décor can be packed with unlimited design potential. We will all be spending a lot of time in our homes this winter, so your interior design should bring you happiness and warmth.

Here are 3 design tips to consider this year:



For a consistent and cohesive look, keep warm neutral colors throughout your home.  Then, choose one or two festive accent colors and commit yourself to a curated color palette.

holiday décor
  • Wintry whites – Reflect the snowy outdoors by incorporating a medley of whites, creams, and ivories.
  • Red & green traditionalists – Incorporate different hues in the same color families, such as deep burgundy, warm pink, teal, and chartreuse, for refreshing take on the classic palette.
  • Blue & gold – A sophisticated and versatile choice that can strengthen a delicate palette or subdue a fiery space.
  • Metallics – Add a little glam, and transition easily into New Year’s Eve with accents in shimmery silver, gold, and copper.

Whether you choose bold or subtle colors, decide on a clear direction, and choose quality textiles to enhance the aesthetic throughout.



Turn your home into a cozy and inviting refuge from the stress of 2020. Interior design is more than just what a space looks like, it is how the space makes you feel. You deserve to feel warm and comfortable in your home this holiday season.

  • Candles – Burn scented candles and swap out LED bulbs with warm, dim lighting in your living spaces.
  • Soft textures – Replace your lightweight linens with a mixture of fuzzy throws and chunky textures, such as knits and velvets.
  • Furniture – Rearrange your furniture to face either your Christmas tree or fireplace. This creates a welcoming gathering spot for the holidays.
  • Decorations – Use a mixture of different materials throughout your décor to add a homey spirit to your space.
holiday decor


Bringing the outdoors in always sets a festive, wintry mood. The comforting scents, natural textures, and relaxing colors are the perfect elements for your home’s holiday décor.

holiday greenery
  • Sprigs – Incorporate natural, fragrant greenery by placing fresh evergreen and pine in vases, into existing wreaths, and attaching them to holiday gift boxes.
  • Holiday table – Adorn your table with a variety of evergreen cuttings, holly, and fresh white flowers to add texture, color, and fragrance.
  • Garland – This is not just reserved for your staircase. A lush strand can look good anywhere, like draped over a large mirror.
  • Color – You can also incorporate greenery by simply choosing accessories that showcase the evergreen shade.

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes it can feel like the most stressful. Ushering in the holiday spirit to your home will make your spirits merry, bright, and beautiful!


If you’re still not sure how to approach your holiday decorating, we are happy to help you create a warm, comfortable, festive and beautiful home. Call for details: (847) 760-8206.

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