It is important for your brand identity to be consistent throughout all aspects of the business, including your office’s interior design. Branded interior design will instantly enforce and strengthen your company’s identity and culture. It communicates what makes you unique and helps you stand out against competition. Your choice of office design also speaks volumes about your organization’s mission, vision, and values.

A branded interior design leads to improved position and communication, better customer recognition, happier employees, and higher perceived value from your customers, investors, and partners.

Branding your company offices goes beyond placing your logo all over the walls. Consider your brand and then really look at the interior design of your space. Do you use the same descriptive words to describe your workplace as you do for your product or service? Showcase your company’s personality and culture through these other creative mediums:


An example of office design branding includes repeating colors from your logo into your workspace. Most people are scared to experiment with colors and settle for a bland choice to maintain an “official” look. However, incorporating colors in your office not only communicates the nature of your brand, but also lights up the space. Additionally, you can use color to communicate a feeling or quality associated with your brand. If a brand prides itself on being “fun,” for example, you might select bright and energetic colors.

brand colors interior design

Keep branding consistent by incorporating company colors as design accents in your lounge furniture, walls, artwork, and flooring.


The office entryway sets the tone for your whole office, so it’s important that the first thing people see reflects how you want your brand to be portrayed. The lobby or reception design should embody the values and culture of your company in the same way a brochure or website would. This doesn’t mean that you should only display your brand’s logo as big as possible on the front wall, but you want visitors to have no doubt about which company the office belongs to.

branded lobby

We designed this client’s entryway to reflect their brand by incorporating their logo on the wall, in the shape of the furniture, in the pattern in the wallpaper, and the color throughout.


Brand pillars are the compelling truths that your brand embraces; culturally, physically, and emotionally. They are what you want people to know about who you are. The most important way to manifest brand pillars is visually. For example, do you want to let the world know that your company cares about the environment? Then you should choose environmentally friendly design elements. Do your brand pillars reflect that you embrace collaboration and innovation? Then your office should not have high-walled cubicles and closed-door individual offices for each of your employees.

brand pillar design

Incorporate brand pillars, like a mission-statement or inspirational quote into the office’s interior design.


The absolute best representation of your brand is your products and services, so let them speak for your company! Display artful prints that showcase your work throughout the office. Does your company sell consumer goods? Then consider hanging a series of acrylic product photos or design blueprints in your lobby. This highlights your achievements while adding branded visuals to your workspace.


We designed this conference room art installation using our client’s products and photos in a unique way.


Branding does not end at your logo, business cards, or website. Your company’s physical office space is a crucial element of the experience. Ensure that your office design is in line with your company’s branding to demonstrate a strong commitment to the brand’s values.

Need more advice on how to design an office space that reflects your company values, philosophy, and culture? Contact us about creating a workplace that embodies your brand.


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