Running out of room in your office? Struggling to make the most out of your space?  Here are some small office design and storage tips to guide you:

Strategic Layout

Using every square foot of space is top priority.  Spending time pre-planning is imperative, so you can figure out the best layout.  Incorporate elements that are multipurpose and place them accordingly. We can help you measure and draw your office to outline the best use of space.  Consider future growth as well when planning for headcount.

Essential Storage

Being well organized in a small space is of the utmost importance.  Consider using modern storage applications in unexpected spaces, like on the sides or in between workstations.  We suggest streamlining processes and resources to eliminate duplication of paperwork; which means less storage and a smaller footprint. Using wall space for a magnetic white board can keep clutter off your desk and task lists in your line of sight.

Furniture Size   

Sleek and modern workstations

Trade in your clunky office furniture in for more modern, smaller, and affordable pieces.  Large wooden desks take up valuable space; and with computers we don’t need as much desk space as we did in years past. Small workstations are the way of the future and we custom make our furniture to fit any area, small or large.  We know how to give you a great looking desk that fits the space perfectly.



Incorporate Technology

Guest chairs in your office take up a lot of space! Get rid of them and instead utilize a sit stand desk to meet with people standing up.  Standing meetings not only take up less space, they tend to be a lot shorter than sit down meetings.  Also, you can incorporate a mobile monitor arm, so you can move your screen out of the way when you are using the desk space.



Every small workspace has its own needs; but starting with these tips will help create an effective and beautiful office. If you can’t change the square footage of your office, investing in the space you have will make it fantastic!


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