Clients frequently inquire about the latest design trends in furniture, but there is much more to interior design than what is “in or out” for the season.  It’s about creating a sense of balance and order in a functional space that you love and is suitable for your lifestyle. One way to ensure that you will love your interior design for years to come is by investing in timeless furniture.

Timeless furniture has staying power and never goes out of style. There are certain trend-proof classic pieces that have stood the test of time and continue to be fixtures in home interior design. Read on for our top 5 furniture pieces you should invest in to make sure your home design isn’t outdated in a few years.

Canopy Bed

canopy bed

Canopy beds originated in the Middle Ages and were created to provide privacy and warmth to their owners. Classic canopy beds have four posters to support decorative drapery as well as the canopy top. Today, they are sometimes styled with lighter curtains, but often forego the draperies. The lack of curtains allows the bed to be sleeker and blend with both traditional and many modern design styles. The simple framework of this timeless furniture piece really draws the eye up, making the bedroom appear more spacious.

Here are links to some canopy beds for you:

Wingback Chair

wingback chair

Since the 18th century, wingback chairs have been popular in residential interior design. The classic tall, wing-shaped backs were originally designed for hearthside use with a comfortable, yet regal aesthetic. Today, these chairs fit needs throughout the home – as dining chairs, accent chairs, a reading nook, or seating in a cozy gathering space. They also have renewed designs and come in countless colors, sizes, patterns, and shapes.


Some links for your own wingback chair:

Tufted Headboard

timeless bedroom design

Just as a wingback chair is a timeless furniture piece, an upholstered headboard is the backbone of every cozy bedroom design. A tufted headboard adds texture to the room and its design has stood the test of time with its undeniable style and beauty.  Not only is this type of headboard super-comfortable and perfect for reading in bed, but it’s also a timeless piece that will fit in across all design trends.

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Built-In Furniture

Built in furniture

Function is an important essence of timeless design. Built-in bookshelves, cabinets, and desks add more storage and organization while blending into your home’s architecture, creating timeless appeal. Timeless furniture is adaptable and belongs to both its space and environment. Built-in furniture allows you to create a smooth transition between spaces that makes your home feel airy. They create a cohesive look and are easily combined and coordinated with the rest of the décor.

 Chesterfield Sofa

timeless sofa

Named for the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, this sofa has been a favorite of all interior designers since the mid-1800s. The low profile, deep-button design creates a refined yet relaxed look, the perfect mix of formal and casual. Although traditionally in leather, Chesterfield sofas are now upholstered in a variety of fabrics, in every color and pattern. They offer a beautiful and comfortable design that’s great for living rooms, sitting rooms, and libraries. The sofa’s timeless aesthetic blends with a variety of interior design styles, and continues to be a very popular, sought-after piece.

Below are links to chesterfield sofas for you:



Investing in timeless furniture doesn’t mean you can’t follow your own style. Since certain pieces of furniture (like dining chairs and beds) will always be needed, it is important to choose looks that you love.

If you still need more tips on how to incorporate timeless furniture that fits with your home and lifestyle, feel free to contact us.

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