The options are endless when deciding on an architectural style for your home. Depending upon the region of the country in which you live, the home’s surroundings, and your lifestyle preferences, we can help you narrow the list down. If you are ready to invest in a beautiful luxury home, but aren’t sure what style is right for you and your lifestyle, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 most popular architecture types of luxury homes in the Chicagoland area for you to choose from.

French Country

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The French Country architecture style was inspired by the luxurious country homes throughout Provence. They are defined by their sophisticated brick and stone asymmetrical exteriors designed with an air of refinement. French Country style homes include ornate elements like steeply pitched roofs, stone chimneys, balconies, and multi-paned windows.

These luxury homes artfully combine Old World elegance with today’s modern amenities and chic living. Suitable for suburban, city, and country living, it’s a popular choice for most areas of the country.


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Craftsman style homes first appeared in California in the early 20th century and have recently reemerged with a major comeback. This is a great luxury home design for someone who wants a more simple and contemporary feeling in the architecture. These homes are richly detailed and defined by low roofs, natural materials, modest earth-tone colors, and tapered columns.

Craftsman style houses have a homey, symmetrical structure and natural materials in their handcrafted stone and woodwork. This luxury home style is not complete unless there is a beautiful front porch. They fit in well in a suburban or country neighborhood.


modern home architecture

Representative of the artistic movement from the 20th century, modern architectural style homes are extremely trendy and contemporary. In Modern luxury homes, architects use glass, steel, and concrete as design materials, rather than traditional construction materials. Modern style homes are defined by clean horizontal and vertical lines, simple colors, flat roofs, and expansive, unadorned windows.

Early Modern residential architecture can be seen in the Chicagoland area in Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs. This style fits in almost anywhere as a counterpoint or complement to suburban and urban surroundings.

Modern Farmhouse

luxury home architecture

Modern Farmhouse architectural style is a relatively new luxury house design that has become increasingly popular in America. It combines the sleek simplicity of contemporary design, with the warmth and casual elegance of a farmhouse aesthetic. Modern Farmhouse style is characterized by natural materials like wood and galvanized steel, dormers, porches, and a pitched roof.

Bringing a touch of class and familiarity, this style is a lovely combination of style and comfort. Able to work in any environment or location, Modern Farmhouses are quintessential Americana.

Building a new luxury home in Chicagoland can be an enjoyable and creative endeavor. Have fun looking for the best design for your custom home!

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