Have you ever wondered where the trendy colors in your office or home come from?

The answer is color trend forecasting. “Color forecasting has existed in some form since the early 1800’s.  It started off simply, with books and dissertations on the nature of certain colors and their psychological impact, and the science of color.  Color forecasting has now expanded into a critical communication tool that color design professionals use to speak to the world around us.” 

Being aware of colors coming our way can help companies plan for fads and trends.  This knowledge gives designers time to create the perfect solutions that complement other upcoming materials and products. Color trends typically start in the fashion world and then move into residential and commercial interior design.  These color trends also make their way into all areas of our society including exteriors of buildings, graphic design, technology, and marketing.

Color trends are basically preferences for certain colors, or combinations of certain colors which become popular.”

Who decides what colors are popular?


Pantone is a company based in New Jersey whose only business is color.  Twice a year they have a committee that meets in Europe to discuss what the color trends will be.  This has a great influence in the fashion world.  “In fact, Pantone has a hand in the color of roughly half of all garments sold in the U.S.

This committee uses a massive amount of research, testing, and consumer surveys to arrive at these color forecasts.  From that starting point, they will research pop culture, news, media, movies, art, and the economy. Mood boards are then created until they narrow down to an agreed upon color story.  Once they decide the color direction, they further define finishes and textures.




This year, Pantone decided on two colors: Ultimate Gray + Illuminating. You can already see these colors trending in every industry.

color quote

Want a peek into what is coming for Fall / Winter 2021? Let’s see how, and in what form, these color trends make their way into our homes and places of business.


Written By: Julie Hartman, Senior Interior Designer


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