According to a University of California workplace study, a significant factor in an employee’s ability to focus (and stay focused) is their physical environment. A well-designed office will improve employee focus and productivity. The study shows that focused workers have access to workspaces where they can concentrate without interruption.

This is especially important for offices with an open plan setting. Your office design should allow employees to balance collaboration amongst colleagues with some privacy and disconnection. Having a chance to block out distractions will enable your staff to be more productive over the long term. Experts agree that designing an office that provides a variety of settings for your employees is always the best solution.

Does your office need a better balance of collaboration and focus? Here are some tips on how to create zones in the office allowing for both:



Not all office lounges are for break time. Some lounges are designed to support collaboration, while others can offer a focus zone for employees to block out distractions. Your space doesn’t always need a door separating an employee from the rest of the office. Check out these alternative workspaces that combine a lounge atmosphere while promoting focused work.

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Screens are an easy way to help employees focus while not being completely shut off from the rest of the office. Acrylic dividers allow for light to come through, and are an inexpensive way to add privacy to existing benching office designs. Desktop screens provide space definition and focused work opportunities, without completely isolating your employees.


If your employees are uncomfortable, they will have trouble focusing on their work.  Employees that are adjusting, stretching, and moving too often to stay focused, probably need an ergonomic chair that fits their body.  If your employees are sitting for most of the day, it is critical that they have proper chairs.  Click here to learn how to choose the perfect office chair.

huddle rooms

Small huddle rooms are places employees can go when they need to let others know that they need to concentrate and prefer not to be interrupted. They offer privacy but are not meant to be used like a private office. These rooms allow employees to take personal phone calls, work alone or in a small group, and are a great alternative to a permanent office.  They can take up very little space in your office’s overall footprint.

Every employee works differently, and some need help focusing.  Therefore, instead of an office design focused only on collaboration, design your office for a variety of work styles and tasks. Not everyone should have a private office, and collaboration should always be encouraged. Small two-person phone rooms, proper seating, screens, and quiet lounge zones can accommodate a range of work modes.

Need help building focus zones in your office space?  Call a VID designer today for more tips.


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