“Measure” by Designtex is one of our designer’s favorite fabric to use in commercial interior designs. From its timeless design, countless colorway offerings, and affordability, it is an staple in our design team’s eyes. Apart from its aesthetic, Measure by Designtex is quite durable as it has a stain repellent finish and can be cleaned with common cleaning solutions. This makes it a no-brainer fabrication for high-foot-traffic areas such as commercial spaces.

What Our Designers Are Saying:

“I truly believe that this fabric can be used in any design,” said Amanda Malchiodi, Junior Interior Designer at Vertical Interior Design. “This fabric is one of my favorites to incorporate in my designs as it not only contains a timeless, large-scale print, but Measure by Designtex is also available in 12 colorways! And as a bonus to our clients, this fabric is cost-effective compared to other upholstery fabrications on the market.”


How to Incorporate our Designer’s Favorite Fabric into Corporate Interiors:

colorful office design

Depicted above is Designtex’s Measure (Poppy 3794-702) as a chair backing in Cottage Door’s seating area. Senior Interior Designer Jamie Leonard shares the reason why she chose to use this favorite fabric of hers in the space when she stated, “I selected Designtex’s Measure as it not only pairs well in the overall design, but it highlights the client’s branding.”

designers favorite fabric

Depicted above is Designtex’s Measure (Goldfinch 3794-201) as a chair cushion in on of West Side Tractor’s small meeting rooms. Senior Interior Designer Jamie Leonard shares the reason why she chose to use it in this space when she stated, “I not only selected this fabric because it added to our overall design and highlighted the client’s branding, but it provided pattern and visual interest to the space without being overpowering or distracting. This fabrication even inspired the linework on the far wall which adds consistency to the corporate interior design.”


The Options Are Endless!

designers favorite fabric
designers favorite fabric
designers favorite fabric

Designer’s choice fabric, “Measure”, can be used for all your upholstery needs from seating to ottomans, pillows, and more! You can find the available colorways below.

Goldfinch fabric
Maroon fabric
Glacier fabric
Blueberry hill fabric
admiral fabric
Clover fabric
casco bay fabric
persimmon fabric
poppy fabric
snowcap fabric
stonybrook fabric
hearthstone fabric

Interested in using Designtex’s Measure in your office space? Click here to receive a design quote from one of our interior designers!

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