The pandemic has made a huge impact on everyone’s everyday life, including and especially in the workplace. Many people worked from home for the first time and struggled with the adjustment. Over a year later since it began, a lot of workers came to realization that they enjoy the flexibility that comes with not going into the office every day. However, they may find it to be hard to maintain company culture and build relationships. Now, they are figuring out if they would rather return to their routine before COVID-19 or go fully remote. To get the best of both worlds, a lot of workers are deciding to go with the hybrid approach so they can work from their home while also be able collaborate with each other.

What does this mean for you? As an employer, your number one goal is to ensure that your employee’s transition into this new normal is as smooth as possible. A way you can do that is to design your office with hybrid workers in mind in addition to anyone 100% in person or remote.

Be Prepared for Hybrid Workers

Making sure everyone has the equipment they need both in the office and at home is very important, as it can make a huge impact on their day-to-day life. Use programs like Microsoft Teams or Zoom to ensure everyone can communicate with each other regardless of location. Hybrid office design is also essential. Some improvements you could make to your employees’ workplace include:

  • Double Monitors
  • Stand-Up Desks
  • Plenty of storage
  • Smaller, open spaces like tables or huddle spaces

hybrid office design

Address Mental Health

In addition to making sure everything is up to date, it is also important to ensure that you are properly addressing your employees’ mental health. According to Jenna Wilson, author of the thesis Impact of Work from Home Policies on Workplace Productivity and Employee Sentiments During the COVID-19 Pandemic, with work constantly on a person’s mind when working from home, it’s important for their employers to communicate when they expect them to do their job. Doing this will help workers be able to focus on their well-being. In terms of when they come in the office, consider updating it with:

  • Nice break rooms
  • A lot of open space and places to relax
  • Resimercial design (think furniture you find at home like comfy couches, rugs, and fun decorations)

hybrid office design Ask your employees for their input. Updating your office with them and hybrid office design in mind can bring you all closer together and create a truly unique space.

As your company continues to make changes every day, especially now more than ever, allow your employees the hybrid option of coming in the office and working from home. Also make sure you are giving them the tools they need to succeed in their everyday tasks. By doing this, you can support each member of your team and achieve greatness together.

Want to incorporate hybrid office design in your space? Call us and schedule a free design consult.

hybrid office design
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