If you’re thinking about remodeling your office or home, you probably have a lot of inquiries you want to ask about the process. So, we asked our designers to reveal a few FAQs from our clients!

Designers Most Asked Questions

“How do you know what looks good together? What style is in right now?”

Our designers have the experience and personal preferences needed to help you determine what looks good. They are seeing a lot of clients using resimercial design for their office, most likely because so many people are beginning to work from home again and like the idea of residential furniture in their workplace.

“How many people can you fit in here?”

Many of our clients want to fit as many of their employees as possible into their open office space. However, our designers know when too much is too much and will always establish a safe, comfortable, and functional working environment for everyone.

Designers Most Asked Questions

“What about the noise?”

This is one of several FAQs from our clients because some have employees who can be rather loud while on the phone or in meetings. For spaces like these, our designers usually recommend adding carpet. They also offer acoustical options through our vendors.

“How can you upgrade our space with a small budget?”

By preserving some of a client’s already existing product and only upgrading the products that are needed (like paint colors or materials used on furniture), our designers are able to keep the cost that fits the budget.

Designers Most Asked Questions

“Will this last?”

Durability is a very common concern for clients since they want what they’re purchasing to last as long as possible, preferably for years and years. Our designers always reassure that any commercial grade products have been rigorously tested for resilience and are specifically made to be used for high traffic areas like office spaces.

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