By: Jamie Leonard, Creative Director and Lead Residential Interior Designer at Vertical Interior Design Studio.

Let’s dig into the design trends we can expect for 2023!

colors and patterns

2023 will bring the bright and the bold in full force. You can say goodbye to grey tones, as bold and warm colors are here to stay! Bright, bold patterns will become even more popular this year, and you’ll see them more and more in wallcoverings and fabrics.


sustainable design

People will be looking for sustainable products that are better for the environment and themselves. Reclaimed furniture will see a comeback, as residential and commercial spaces look to reduce waste and reuse classic pieces.

floorplan design

In 2023 and beyond we will likely see open floor plans in homes begin to be closed off again. This is due to so many people working from home. For this same reason, commercial space floor plans will focus less on private office spaces and more on comfortable breakrooms and collaborative workspaces for when employees come into the office.

Along with trendy greys, 2023 will see the final exit of shiplap and the famous Farmhouse Design. Don’t fret about your white kitchen though! This classic look can always be updated with color and trendy new accents. The great news about 2023 design trends is that you can add elements of new trends to your current home and workplace designs for a fresh look.

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