By: Jamie Leonard

Let’s face it. Your dreams of renovating your home we’re unpleasantly interrupted with maintenance to a faulty washing machine, outdated air conditioning unit, and a hot water heater that’s barely hanging on. Don’t even get us started about the trips to the auto mechanic, vet visits, and abundance of equipment and supplies for extra-curricular activities. We get it! Life happens. But what if we told you that you could beautify your home without a major renovation? What if you could “renovate” your space without breaking the bank?


Our Interior Designers’ Tips to Beautify Your Home Without a Major Renovation


1. Declutter & Organize


Odds are you have too much stuff! Before investing in new furniture and accessories for your home it’s important to assess what you already have. Donate outdated items. Invest in storage solutions such as decorative bins and baskets. And determine areas that need some extra love — with accessories and furniture!


Pro Tip: Organization isn’t in everyone’s toolbox. Our team partners with Neat Method in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs to make your space functional for the life you live.


2. Rearrange


  1. It’s easy to get bored of your space. Update your tired layout by rearranging your furniture and accessories! Not sure where to start? Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started:
    • Relocate the decorative chairs from your front seating room to the living room.
    • Swap the artwork from the dining room to your bedroom – and vice versa.
    • Change out the photos in your gallery wall with updated imagery.
    • Move the decorative accessories from your console table to the buffet cabinet in your dinning room.
    • Transition the potted plants and greenery from the living room to the front seating room.

    Breathe a new life into your home with furniture and accessories that you already own!


    Pro Tip: When styling with decorative elements and accessories place items in groups of three.

3. Refresh

New paint, lighting, and window treatments can transform your space!

  • Paint: Fresh paint on your walls, cabinetry, or furniture can make an impact on your home’s interior design. Also, don’t be afraid of dramatic paint colors! Dark, cool-toned colors such as green, navy, and black are popular choices as of late.
  • Lighting: Add layered lighting. A variety of lighting from chandeliers to sconces and lamps are not only practical, but they add visual interest to a space.
  • Window Treatments: Make your ceilings feel taller by carrying your window treatments from the highest point of the wall to the floor. Also, don’t be afraid of unique patterns and textures! Your drapery should make a statement while relating to the interior design of your home.

4. Invest

You may not have all of the elements that you need to make your house feel like home – and that’s okay! Our team at Vertical Interior Design Studio is here to assist you with your home’s interior design. From furnishings, drapery, and decorative elements to a kitchen and bath refresh or a major renovation, our team of accredited interior designers are equipped to assist you with your next home renovation project.

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