This piece was written with the expertise of Katie Joyce, Interior Designer. Katie has worked withus since 2022 and enjoys building relationships with clients while creating spaces that reflecttheir company personality.

Imagine you’re deep in a project, fingers coursing with spark and vigor as you clack away at your keyboard. You’re on a roll: Ideas are flowing; work is getting done, and you’re going to beat the deadline.




suddenly, someone sneezes.


A coworker cackles down the hall.

Sirens blare in the distance and an email notification dings next door.

Concentration is broken. The brilliant idea that was just out of reach has vanished behind building frustration. Just like that, your workflow is officially off the rails and you can’t get your groove back.


enter: sound softening solutions.


Good or bad, noise is part of life. But at busy office, noise can become a real problem.


what is sound softening?


When sound travels through a space, it can either be absorbed or bounced around. When the acoustics are balanced, a room is comfortable; if not, even the most beautiful space can be unbearably noisy (think of your favorite modern gastro pub—delicious, trendy, and loud).

Sound softening involves both the design of the space and the items within. Every choice—from the carpet to the drop-down ceiling—affects sound, and an experienced interior designer knows to use every accessory and piece of furniture to their advantage.


when creating an interior space, what should you consider when it comes to sound absorption?

Before making any decisions, ask yourself: What is the goal of this space?

An open-concept office might seem like a collaborative dream, but it can also be painfully loud and distracting—especially when furnished with hard surfaces and featuring exposed ceilings. Would a different layout meet the needs of your organization better?

If your team ultimately needs an open concept space, consider materials: Carpet on the floor and fabric on the walls will immediately help with acoustic issues, preventing your work space from feeling chaotic and stressful.

can sound softening help with existing offices if there’s no budget for a full renovation?

Absolutely. At Vertical Interior Design Studio, we can create a wide range of solutions, from the ceiling to the walls, dividers, lighting, artwork, and fabric products to improve the noise levels. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll design a plan to meet the unique needs of your space.

will acoustic solutions ruin the aesthetic of my office?

what are some top tips for reducing noise in a shared office?


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