With more and more teams returning to the office–at least on a hybrid schedule, if not full-time–it’s time to take a look at the benefits of a shared office space.
Sure, some have gotten used to the 30-second commute from coffeepot to laptop, but there are some real benefits to co-working with colleagues in a shared space.
Here are some benefits to working in an office that we’ve experienced firsthand at Rieke Interiors:
1. Boosting Productivity – A structured, vibrant workspace, devoid of the distractions and clutter of home can enhance your ability to focus on the tasks at hand. At the office, you won’t be thinking about loading the dishwasher, transferring laundry, or letting the dog out: You can simply be at the office, delineating work from home and creating more balance.
2. Nurturing Mental Health Daily interactions with colleagues, both personal and professional, provides a vital support system. A quick chat while you and your colleague are grabbing coffee in the break room can build camaraderie and rapport–never underestimate the power of friendship.
3. Facilitating Career Development – Those in-person interactions with colleagues can not only improve your mental health, but they can also create opportunities for mentorship, networking, and skill development that are more difficult to develop remotely. There’s power in a spontaneous brainstorming session in the break room or a casual conversation that sparks new ideas as you walk to your next meeting.
Welcome Your Team Back to the Office with a Refreshed Workspace
Returning to the office is a great opportunity to redesign your workspace and make it a welcoming experience for everyone. Especially if your workforce hasn’t been to the office regularly since before the pandemic, updating your space can help create that energizing, “fresh start” feeling for the whole team–like a new classroom for the school year, but for grownups!
And we’re not only talking about comfortable, ergonomic furniture. We’re talking about creating intentional spaces that energize your team.
Refreshing common areas where colleagues can gather for a quick coffee chat or lunch break will help foster a strong sense of community and encourage those dynamic, career-enhancing conversations that motivate and inspire. Check out our post about emerging design trends for the office to get an idea of what we mean.
If you’re ready to embrace office life but need help updating your space, the Rieke Interiors team is here to help! We’re a one-stop-shop for transformation, with design experts who create curated spaces for your team to love.
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