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How to design a Mother’s Room in the Workplace

As a corporate interior designer, we must not only create a beautiful space for our clients, but also help guide them to include all the functional spaces needed. One of the areas that all companies should plan for is a Mother’s Room / Nursing Room or Wellness Room....

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Incorporate Healthcare Design Practices into your Office

Interior designers can help you get back to work safely. Getting back to work will include more frequent disinfecting practices but will also most likely include the redesign of workspaces by adopting design strategies commonly found in healthcare facilities. Why...

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The Post COVID 19 Workplace

How will office design change after the Coronavirus? In the blink of an eye, the office environment has changed.  Due to the current pandemic, business owners need a way to bring employees back into the office safely.  The office is going to look very different. In...

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Response to COVID-19

We are so pleased to welcome you back to Vertical Interior Design! July 7, 2020 We are incredibly grateful for the patience and support of our clients and partners during these unprecedented times. We have been committed to keeping our business running and our...

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Top 3 Office Design Elements to Try This Year

The modern workplace is always evolving, and if you want to keep up with your competitors, your office needs to be up to date. Designers are currently reimagining the office to be more comfortable and focused on providing employees with an environment where they can...

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Office Space Design that Promotes Collaboration

Collaboration is an extremely effective method of problem solving and is crucial for a business’s innovation and success.  However, while most companies want to increase collaboration, many office designs don’t support a collaborative environment. The addition of...

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Biophilic Office Design

Connecting with nature has proven biological and emotional benefits. Studies have concluded that American workers spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. This is why we turn to biophilic office design to bring the outdoors into our workplaces and...

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Office Design Attracts Employees

  It’s no secret that beautiful office spaces can impress clients and investors. However, innovative workspaces also play another important role in corporations — they attract top talent. Employees spend more awake hours in the office than they do at home, so it makes...

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Every year, our interior designers travel to the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to preview must-see design solutions at NeoCon.  From seating to wall and floor finishes, desking and textiles, our designers take note of it all. Here are our top 4...

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