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Quick Ways to Redesign your office on a budget

Looking for some quick ways to redesign your office on a budget?  Below are some small design modifications that can yield a big impact: Lighting Good lighting is not only a key component to your employees’ performance and motivation, but it also directly affects the...

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Mannington Flooring Mill Tours

Our team was lucky enough to have been invited to tour Mannington Commercial mills in the Atlanta surrounding area. Mannington is one of Rieke Office Interior’s main suppliers of carpet, tile, and vinyl flooring. Witnessing the manufacturing, learning...

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How to Measure Design Success

Interior Design is a very subjective industry. What makes a good design to one person, might not be ideal for others. In recent years, a workspace that maximizes headcount seemed to be the popular measure of success. Current studies, however, are now suggesting that...

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Neocon 2018

Providing our team with fresh and innovative inspiration and ideas, NeoCon celebrated its 50th year this June. The future of commercial interiors looks bright and exciting, and after visiting with 500 of the leading vendors, we have put together a list of...

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Our Client, SECOND SHIFT Wins Best Co-Working Space

We are pleased to announce that our friends at Second Shift Chicago have been crowned the Chicago Reader 2017 Best Co-Working Space! It was one of our favorite projects to work on and we are thrilled that Second Shift’s space is providing the functionality...

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2018 Office Design Trends: AN EYE ON COMMERCIAL DESIGN

It is an exciting time for the workplace. No longer are we seeing over-the-top designs with unnecessary bells and whistles. Workplace design is taking on a new focus, aimed towards individual’s values and experiences. Design is gearing up to improve emotional and...

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The Psychology of Color:  Why Color Matters

Choosing the right color for your work environment, walls or accents can positively affect job performance, mood and productivity. Strike a balance with strong color choices in furnishings - play with sheen or saturation - and, incorporate a purposeful accent.  Use...

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Great Architecture is Everywhere

Our “Travelling Two-some” – Senior Interior Designers, Julie Hartman and Carey Roy, take a trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to see first-hand some simple Daniel Burnham design principles that still exist and have set the stage for so much of what the VID commercial interior design team stands for today.

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