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Vertical Interior Design has worked with banking executive teams all over the Chicagoland area.  Our interior designers have extensive insight into designing for the financial sector, as well as branch space planning and brand identity.  Whether you are a large national bank, or an up and coming one, we help identify your brand and apply the visual interpretation to your financial office design. This can be implemented in one branch, or across your bank network.

Credit Unions and banks are transforming the way they do business to better meet the needs of their tech-savvy clients. The days of the high ornate ceilings in lobbies are evolving to more personal & interactive spaces. Some bank interior designs include providing interactive computer stations for their customers, so they can conduct transactions without having to wait in line for a teller. Another banking design trend is to have tellers come out from behind the long desks into smaller pods, creating a more personal experience.


  • Design and create nonintimidating spaces in your bank that include more amenities for your customers.
  • Space plan for private personal banker & customer service areas to allow for more complex interactions between clients and staff for assistance in personal loans and mortgages.
  • Create an interior design that is an enriching experience for customers and employees.
  • Incorporate technology that invites customers to bank independently of banking staff.

Even with the ever-present online banking, we believe that physical bank branches still have an important role to play with customers.  Vertical Interior Design can help redesign your financial institution to integrate technology while providing areas that feel hospitable for your customers. A good bank interior design will build trust with customers while demonstrating the bank’s values, and we can deliver just that.

recent financial projects

midwest industrial funds

Vertical Interior Design Studio was hired to provide material and finishes for this new office/studio space. We worked closely with the client to incorporate their branding throughout each area. Our design team selected all furniture elements, fabric, paint, flooring, cabinetry & countertops in the space. To complete this project, we worked with the contractor to help project manage all the design & furniture elements. In all we created a fun and well branded space for our client to enjoy with their clients.

goldstone financial

This client engaged Vertical Interior Design Studio to provide decorative elements to their space. We provided finishes and fabrics for the furniture as well as accent wallcovering, rugs, accent lighting & accessories. We also created a custom acoustic wall for their studio. All of these items created an elegant, classic but also modern feel for this financial office. 

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