Corporate environments need to remain sustainable and flexible no matter what design trends are. We believe that corporate interior design is most impactful when companies first identify their place in the market, establish a clear corporate culture, and then integrate the two into their office design. We understand that corporate culture may evolve, so we make sure your design stays relevant over time.

At Vertical Interior Design Studio we employ expert commercial interior designers. Our team will make your workplace design go beyond just a beautiful workplace; we will help align your employees, culture, processes, and technology. Whether you want a corporate environment that inspires collaboration, attracts clients, or retains employees, we partner with our clients to achieve your vision! That’s why we’re among the top companies for commercial interior design in Chicago.

recent hospitality projects

richter studios

Vertical Interior Design Studio was hired to provide material and finishes for this new office/studio space. We worked closely with the client to incorporate their branding throughout each area. Our design team selected all furniture elements, fabric, paint, flooring, cabinetry & countertops in the space. To complete this project, we worked with the contractor to help project manage all the design & furniture elements. In all we created a fun and well branded space for our client to enjoy with their clients.

ja frate

This client reached out for help with a second-floor office remodel. Their existing space was outdated, and they were looking for a modern refresh. Vertical Interior Design Studio provided space planning, finishes and materials, furniture, glass wall systems, millwork and construction administration. We also worked closely with our contractor to achieve our client’s timeline for completion.

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