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Corporate Office Design


Successful corporate office spaces need to remain sustainable and flexible no matter what design trends are influencing the way an office looks and feels. We believe a corporate interior design is most impactful when companies first identify their place in the market, establish a clear corporate culture, and then integrate the two into their office design. We understand that corporate culture may evolve, so we make sure your design stays relevant over time.

At Vertical Interior Design we employ expert corporate office interior designers. Our team will make your workplace design go beyond just a beautiful office; we will help align your employees, culture, processes, and technology. Whether you want a corporate environment that inspires collaboration, attracts clients, or retains employees, we partner with our clients to achieve your vision. That’s why we’re one of the top companies for commercial interior design in Chicago.


  • Identify the corporate culture.
  • Focus the office design on the strengths that set your corporation apart from the competition.
  • Design for flexibility within the workplace considering multiple work styles and
    generational differences.
  • Space plan for functionality and efficiency.
  • Consider workplace strategy and manage the project while implementing design solutions.


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