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Interior Design for Education Buildings

The 21st century educational building is no longer filled with rows of tablet-arm school chairs.  With a furniture plan, strategic space analysis, and experienced interior designers, an education facility can be functional and successful. Interior design for educational facilities must encourage concentration and imagination while considering the fast-moving technology in today’s classrooms. Learning institutions should easily adapt to changes in teaching and learning behaviors and facilitate the quick transfer from individual learning to group activities. A comprehensive and innovative interior design is critical in achieving a successful classroom.

As technology becomes more prevalent in schools, accessibility, function, and classroom design need to anticipate advances using innovative and critical thinking. Education facilities are focused on providing meaningful educational opportunities in a variety of settings.  At Vertical Interior Design, we understand how to create a school environment with a wide array of educational options for teachers and students.


  • Educational furnishings that serve multi-purpose functions.
  • Quick-shift elements to adapt to various activities within the classroom.
  • Integrative technology that interfaces the teacher’s tools and the student’s laptops.
  • Flexible interior designs that encourage student collaboration & critical thinking.
  • Spaces throughout the educational building that offer independent study areas.

Educational interior design is a powerful tool for enhancing students’ motivation, understanding, and creativity. Let us help you create a space that fosters learning for your students.


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