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Healthcare and Medical Interior Design

At Vertical Interior Design, we believe that the quality of a healthcare interior design directly affects the quality of patient care. We design healthcare spaces that help our clients provide the best care possible to their patients.  We create medical environments that are safe, enduring, maintainable, and supportive. Our experienced healthcare interior designers understand that the patient experience is more important than ever and we will help you build the facility of your dreams.

The healthcare facility landscape is always changing, and very complex. We have identified and understand the key influencers of change and we design to successfully meet these demands. Our healthcare interior designs are created responsibly to ensure that the medical spaces are comfortable and functional for the staff and the patients. We focus on achieving a setting that is both therapeutic and accommodating.


  • Create medical environments that foster communication and collaboration.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and facilitate healing.
  • Provide high quality, safer, and more effective healthcare designs.
  • Design a healthcare facility that is sustainable and high-performing.
  • Incorporate resilient and antimicrobial materials and furnishings in the interior design.

Building and designing a successful healthcare facility is a complex and comprehensive process.  From breaking ground to putting up the last piece of artwork, Vertical Interior Design will be there managing the project.


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