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Vertical Interior Design specializes in designing offices for manufacturing companies. The leading alternative design aesthetic for many offices today is an industrial design.

With that in mind, VID designs your manufacturing office space with solutions for your team while providing a high level of function. The manufacturing industry requires a multitude of considerations in their interior designs, and we will incorporate all of them.

Spaces in the manufacturing industry need to be planned well to increase productivity while providing flexibility for the various staff diversity found in these types of businesses. VID takes special consideration in materials and finishes since manufacturing facility employees circulate between warehouse areas and the general office.
We only use top quality materials pertaining to the required manufacturer’s industry. Keeping the products being manufactured in mind while designing the office spaces allows us to emphasize company branding and identity.

  • Create innovative design that is reflective of the products manufactured by the client.
  • Strategic facilities space planning.
  • Durable materials in the office design that can withstand traffic between the warehouse and the general office area.
  • Consideration of the manufacturing company’s end user to create a design within the space that is suitable and appealing to those specific groups.

Every manufacturing office design we provide is a custom solution, planned to maximize your operational efficiency through space planning, material selection, and our team of interior design professionals.


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