Project Details:

Oak Brook, IL

4,000 sq. ft.


An existing client came to us looking to have their space reflect the current staff working there. Their existing space, though not that old, was very neutral, bland, and did not reflect the personality or vibrancy of their current staff.  Working in an environment that did not feel like their own affected morale and productivity, so they came to us for help.  We worked with their team to understand how the space was used, how the team interacted, and the energy they wanted to feel through the design of the space.  We used corporate colors to create the enlightened palette, along with branding and modern art throughout.  We were also tasked with finding ways to use current awkward and un-used areas within the office.  Those spaces were turned into touch down areas for drop-in employees as well as new and inviting collaborative areas to be used for break out work zones and team collaboration.   


2000 Fox Lane, Elgin, IL 60123