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Chicago, IL

12,000 sq. ft.

This start-up company brought a unique perspective as most of the employees are contractors and we were able to collaborate on the space in a way that is not typically done. The employees of the company actually helped bring the industrial office design vision to fruition. This space was created for not only the administrative staff but for the Fixers themselves to have a place to go in between jobs. The client wanted to focus heavily on the training rooms and study spaces for the Fixers to work on certifications to improve their skills. These spaces will also host on-site training sessions and classes for clients to learn how to do home repairs themselves! The open office space houses the customer service and admin team and is outfitted with collaboration spaces and conference/huddle rooms. We wanted to bring in the essence of what the Fixers do into the space so we used industrial, raw construction elements throughout the office: clear acrylic walls expose electrical and studs and intersect with a visually stunning wall that was created to mimic concrete. To save on weight, price and practicality, tile thin-set was used which popped the seams of the drywall panels creating a truly unique look. Natural wood tones throughout help enhance the branding colors. Warehouse and exposed bulb pendants were used to add some layered lighting and touch on the “raw” construction feel. The kitchen backsplash tile was laid in a manner that made it look unfinished or mid-project. We even used some of the Fixers own materials as artwork.

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