Gilbert’s Craft Sausages

Project Details

Wheaton, IL

2,400 sq. ft.


This space is the marketing hub for a fast-growing Chicagoland company. They came to Vertical Interior Design wanting an inviting, calming office space that allows employees and visitors to be comfortable and work-focused. Gilbert’s also wanted their employees to have an interior design that allows them to collaborate in a workspace they are eager to visit and motivated to work hard in. Our team accomplished this by juxtaposing natural materials, plants and imagery with colorful interior design elements that stretch boundaries of what one might consider a typical “office space”. Different types of work zones allow employees to have individual heads-down time or open collaboration time for creative brainstorming sessions. The office space can also be converted to a sought-out after hours destination for entertaining ping-pong tournaments while enjoying the company’s products.


2000 Fox Lane, Elgin, IL 60123