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Interior Design for Technology Companies

Technology is changing at a higher rate than ever before. To match that momentum, we design tech company offices that adapt to change quickly and easily while still providing staff the proper tools to get their work done. Vertical Interior Design creates tech offices that are productive and cutting-edge. In a highly competitive digital market, we want our clients to have a cool office design that is innovative and attracts clients as well as talent.

As high tech workplaces become more open and transparent, creating designated work zones that serve diversified needs are a critical element of design. We design spaces planned for both group collaboration and individual focus.  Our interior designs act as a bridge to gap the challenges within a tech office’s workforce. For many tech companies, office design is an extension of their culture.  From the floor plan to the extra amenities, Vertical Interior Design will help you every step of the way.


  • Integrate new technology easily and quickly, at a low cost.
  • Provide innovative, cool office designs that compliment various generational work styles and needs.
  • Design open spaces that allow flexibility to change from an individual focus to team collaboration.
  • Create zones within the tech company office that encourage team bonding, flexibility to work away from the desk, and provide privacy within an open environment.


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